Other than the resurrection of various Artificial Intelligence technologies, Big Data transformation has bought a meaningful development in the past few years. Today, the Big Data industry is worth $189 Billion in the market. Study shows that there was an increase of $20 Billion in 2018 and keeping this in mind we can predict $247 Billion by 2022.
The Walt Disney Company Chairman once said:
“Technology is lifting of creativity and transforming the possibilities for entertainment and leisure.”
Disney has a significant customer base which ultimately results in massive data. With using Big Data Analytics, Disney could extract the magic again. This problem could only be resolved with big data analytics tools. We plot this example as you could understand how Large industries could manage to handle the data flow and gain insights to improve business using the latest technologies.
The year 2020 has already started, and once again, we can put our caps on and predict the Top analytics trends for 2020.
What is Big Data?
Big Data is extensive data, structured or unstructured, which helps businesses to establish patterns in human behaviour and interactions. The companies would leverage the data to enable better decision making and what customer’s look for.
In the year 2001, Doug Laney, former VP of Gartner’s Chief Data Officer introduced 3Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity. With accelerating challenges year after year, additional features were defined:
4V’s of Big Data

Volume refers to the Scale of Data
Variety refers to different forms of Data
Velocity refers to the analysis of streaming data
Veracity refers to the trustworthiness of data

Big Data Analytics Trends and Solutions  
The year 2020 is another year of great innovation and evolution for Big Data solutions companies. Read on to get some thoughts on Big Data trends and predictions.
Augmented Analysis is the future of data and analytics
Augmented Analysis is an emerging trend that is heavily

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