Despite the challenges of the past year, Canada is on track to select a deep geologic repository site for the country’s used nuclear fuel by 2023, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization said in its annual report to the Canadian government. In conformance with Canada’s Nuclear Fuel Waste Act, the report, Guided by science. Grounded in knowledge. Committed to partnership, was submitted to Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan on March 25.The report summarizes the NWMO’s activities throughout 2020 and provides an audited update on the organization’s finances.Wayne Robbins, NWMO board chair, also said in the report that the organization is confident that it will be able to meet its longer term goals for the start of licensing, construction, transportation, and eventual operation of the repository. According to the NWMO’s timeline, construction of a deep geologic repository in Canada is to begin in 2033, with operations starting sometime between 2040 and 2045.Through its site selection process, the NWMO has narrowed the list of potential repository sites to two Ontario municipalities—South Bruce in southern Ontario and Ignace in the province’s northwest.

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