Clean Energy Group (CEG), a national nonprofit that works on clean energy and climate, announced the retirement of Lewis Milford, its founder and president. His retirement will become effective on December 31, 2021.

Lew Milford founded CEG in 1998, after working over several years on clean energy and utility restructuring dockets in New England while with the Conservation Law Foundation. With CEG, Milford focused on how state and communities could develop sound renewable energy policies, programs, and finance tools. At that time, very few groups were working on state-level and community-based strategies to advance clean energy. CEG also worked with federal agencies and international agencies to find policy solutions to combat climate change. In his work, Milford applied principles of disruptive technology innovation to clean energy markets, assisted by the late Professor at Harvard Business School Clay Christensen, an early mentor. CEG has worked on technology innovation from fuel cells to offshore wind, to energy storage and advancing energy equity over the past two decades.

Not long after starting CEG, Milford initiated a multi-state project to work with new clean energy development funds that states had begun to create around the country – so-called public benefit funds. That effort led to the creation of another national nonprofit in 2002, the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA). Managed and staffed by CEG, CESA now works with states on solar access, offshore wind, energy storage, building electrification, and 100% clean energy goals.

Among the accomplishments of these organizations over the last 20 plus years was an early focus to bring new clean energy technologies to underserved communities. Milford created CEG’s Resilient Power Project in 2013 after Superstorm Sandy, to ensure that frontline communities and climate-vulnerable populations had access to new technologies like solar and battery storage, which can provide power during blackouts. Much of that work

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