Creating Custom Exams and Hands-on Labs Is Now Even Easier
With Cloud Academy’s Content Engine™, you can address organizational skill gaps by creating custom Exams and Hand-on Labs specific to your enterprise requirements. But let’s face it: Creating custom Exams and Hands-on Labs is highly rewarding, but it can be a challenging, time-consuming operation.
That’s why we’re excited to announce a recently released feature that makes creating custom Exams and Hands-on Labs so much easier: Cloning Functionality.
The new cloning functionality allows you to copy Exams and Hands-on Labs already crafted by our expert trainers. This will allow you to start with existing content and add or remove content to tailor it to your individual requirements. By cloning our industry-leading content, you can seamlessly create high-quality, custom assessments for your enterprise.
To start using the Exam cloning feature, simply go to your Cloud Academy Dashboard > click “Cloud Academy” > “Content Engine.”

Click “Create or modify Exams” or “Create or modify Labs.”

Click “Create” > “Clone existing.”

Select the desired Exam or Hands-on Lab to clone, complete all required information, and edit as required.
Clone and Customize Hands-on Labs
Hands-on Labs are like a flight school for all things cloud. You can build and validate practical experience directly on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, data pipelines, and many more. Check out how easy it is to clone a Hands-on Lab for yourself.

Why build a custom Hands-on Lab?
Tutorials alone can’t teach you to operate in complex cloud environments. Hands-On Labs meaningfully reinforce knowledge gained in our Learning Paths by guiding and challenging you in the console or in the command line. By cloning and building a custom exam, you can ensure the steps align with your network and enterprise requirements.
Easily clone a Hands-on Lab to:

Add or delete existing steps
Easily deliver top-notch, tailored Hands-on Lab skill assessments
Leverage high-quality

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