Now that the dust has settled on re:Invent 2020 —  probably the most uniquely delivered AWS conference ever — we think it’s high time we get you a healthy recap of the top highlights from the three weeks.
After all, no one’s really asking people to pay attention to every technological detail over the course of 15 presentations and workshop days. That’s what we’re here for: to help busy people like you. And even if you haven’t been running around searching for knick-knacks and doodads in the busy time between the holidays, you probably have gotten a bit sidetracked by the people who are.
So let’s do it! Here are our re:Invent highlights as selected by the AWS Content Team at Cloud Academy.
Andy Jassy’s Keynote at re:Invent 2020
Our own AWS Content and Security Lead @Stuart_A_Scott gives a concise overview of what’s important from AWS CEO Andy Jassy’s opening keynote. Among the highlights: 

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines – The first purpose-built, easy-to-use CI/CD service for ML
ECS Anywhere – Run ECS in your own data center
Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 – Scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions in a fraction of a second

See ALL of Stuart’s keynote highlights here.
Stuart also created a brief course,  AWS Glue Elastic View, where he dives deeper into the feature. You’ll learn about how it can easily combine and replicate source data across multiple different target data stores, while at the same time manifesting a virtual table of combined data which can then be accessed by your applications.  
A big month for AWS Lambda at re:Invent
See what AWS has in store for its serverless powerhouse, Lambda, with insight from our AWS Sr. Content Developer @WilliamLMeadows. Among the highlights:

Lambda duration billing to save costs
Amazon CloudWatch Lambda Insights for deeper visibility
Lambda support for container images as a packaging format

Get all of William’s details in

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