At Cloud Academy we like to move fast — like really fast! 
To a certain extent, we had to adapt to that mindset in our early days, back when we decided to build a platform to help our customers understand cloud and tech skills at scale. In 2014, while attending my first AWS re:Invent, it became very clear to me how keeping your cloud computing skills up-to-date would be a challenge for all of us.
What changed since we created Cloud Academy? 
Cloud accelerated and took over the IT world. 
I used to spend a lot of time looking at LinkedIn profiles to hire our team, and it’s shocking how many people today talk about skills related to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DevOps (and all its forms and tools) in their resume. It’s everywhere and it keeps getting better. 
When I was a teenager, web hosting and deploying my own software and website was a real struggle. Today you deploy to the cloud from day one!
And now I look at how many companies today are creating software in-house — hiring and developing great IT teams, and again, the majority of them deploying their digital products to the cloud. 
Cloud Academy grew with this trend during these years. We had to build more software and content and we decided to keep differentiating ourselves from all the other well-known competitors out there. We’ve been working hard on making our Hands-on Labs unique (try our Challenges — they’re fun!). Speaking of tough goals, our customers raised the stakes by challenging us to really empower users to complete their entire learning path online — which led to our creation of Training Plans. And finally, our content team has been doubling production year-over-year. 
It’s been an incredible journey and still, we would love to get closer to our customers out there.

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