Have you heard the buzz? Maybe you are on the waitlist already, or maybe you have already explored the brand-new social media app Clubhouse. This hot new app is available on iOS and android, and provides an interactive podcast experience – you don’t send messages or pictures, you enter a room, and you listen and chat on a variety of subjects. It’s no surprise that educators are jumping on the Clubhouse bandwagon. You can meet other educators from around the world, swap ideas, and learn.
What exactly is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is an invite only audio platform where you can start conversations, listen in on discussions or panels and network with other industry professionals, whatever your industry or interest are. When you open the app, you enter a hallway with a variety of different rooms, in which their followers and contacts are embroiled in verbal conversation on a chosen topic. There is no text or image function.
Anyone can start a room and serve as the moderator. This means you get to determine which visitors to the room can get ‘onstage’ to talk during the discussion.
Who uses Clubhouse?
Celebrities, Big-name industry leaders, educators, just about anyone you can imagine. There are over 10 million users and still growing. In the early days, it was mainly technology business leaders and marketers but has quickly expanded. Oprah and Elon Musk are some of the prominent public figures who use Clubhouse just to name a few.
In what ways are educators using Clubhouse?
Teachers and educators today seem to be flocking by the thousands to the app. It’s a great place to meet and make friends with other teachers. Some educators join discussions on topics of personal interest, while others are taking a more leadership role and creating their own rooms and moderating topics. Some of the topics that have

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