“It’s fair to say that, in Italy, we are doing 10 years of digital health evolution in 10 days.”

Our “man-on-the-street” in Italy (well, man-sheltered-in-place in Italy) Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware, reports in on the Covid-19 outbreak and what’s happening with digital health startups, health system partners, and hospitals as Italians continue battling at the forefront of the coronavirus outbreak.

A few weeks ahead of the U.S., there are many things to learn about Covid-19 testing, treatment, outcomes, and timing from the experience in Italy, including some foresight on how pathways for telehealth and digital health continue to evolve as conditions become more serious and the outbreak progresses. (For all you Gretzky fans, this is “skating to where the puck will be” kind of stuff…)

Some navigational guidance on this chat which took place March 26, 2020:

Update on Italian Covid-19 outbreak from health industry insider 10:25 minute mark: Digital Health startup case study, Paginemediche, self-triage chatbot data from 70K Italians, data sharing with Italian government & WHO, telehealth model flipping to give overwhelmed physicians opportunity to triage and “invite” patients based on needs 19:10 mark: How to work with Italian digital health startups to advance Covid-19 work

Read the interview transcript here:

Jessica:Hi, it’s Jessica Damassa with WTF Health. Thanks for joining us. I’m doing a special series on how different health technology companies and businesses from around the world are responding to COVID 19 and so joining us right now, we have a friend from Italy. This is Roberto Ascione. He is the CEO of Healthware. So Roberto, it is such a pleasure to have you with us on the ground in Italy. Tell us where you are, first of all.Roberto:Hi Jessica. Thank you for having me. I’m connected from home as everyone else

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