Cloud adoption is increasingly being implemented globally with this set to continue. Over the next five years, IDC predicts that the cloud-based business solutions market will increase by 30%. The benefits it provides to organisations are clear  – faster time to market, lower cost platforms and the ability to provide more agility which helps us work towards our digital transformation goals.
Your cloud adoption is not something that should keep you up at night. Although, it is important to remember that it’s not an easy process that requires ‘no IT’, nor does it guarantee a ‘lower-cost delivery model’.
Choosing the perfect partner
Deciding on the right cloud solution provider (CSP) for you is a challenging task. When undertaking this consider:

The type of platform that will work best for your organisation’s needs.
Planning the potential scale and complexity of your solution.
Design the end solution to be technology agnostic to give you more options in the future.
Your organisation’s current strengths and areas you need assistance with.
Cloud services do not need to be a “one-stop package” – if you can find the perfect partner that meets all your requirements then great, but a multi-vendor strategy should not be ruled out.
A complete cloud strategy may not currently work for all areas of your business. It may be best to have a combination of on premises and in the cloud initially.

Finding the perfect partner
It is good to understand where your potential CSP partner is regarded. Are they:

Pioneers: Most complete in their offering and value added to you – these partners are leading the shift to the cloud. Typically, implementation and migration experts, but they also have to ability to resell licenses for multiple cloud platforms.
Builders: They have extensive market knowledge and cloud experience. Tend to work with large enterprises that need assistance with strategic and transformative work.
Transactors: They mainly

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