Over the years, cybersecurity solution investments have witnessed colossal upsurge. Rampant ransomware attacks, online frauds and malware have prompted entities to beef up existing security apparatuses. In 2019, over 40% of all cyberattacks were directed towards small businesses, given their high vulnerability due to the presence of inadequate security systems.  

With the global cybercrime figures expected to reach US$ 6 trillion by 2021, companies have made cybersecurity solutions their top priority. Apprehensions abound that the incidence of cyberattacks, both from isolated hackers and organized cartels will record exponential growth. 

This article discusses future possibilities in endpoints protection platforms development in the wake of rapid technological advancements and the possible opportunities and challenges in store for the market in forthcoming years. 

Intense 5G Technology Explosion 

The global technology landscape is highly unique, in the sense that a massive revolution occurs at regular intervals, especially with respect to cellular network standards and broadband connections. One such buzzword for the upcoming decade is 5G or fifth generation wireless communication technology. 

While not expected to replace the existing 4G technology, 5G connectively is expected to usher in enhanced user experience, translating into faster speeds, higher data processing capacity and lower latency. Prolific advancements such as instant real-time interaction based hepatic feedback, remote surgeries and remote vehicle piloting are on the cards.

Although a welcome development, businesses apprehend numerous security challenges across the virtual landscape. Despite being endowed with unprecedented network speeds, the global 5G networks shall likely become primary targets for malevolent entities seeking to compromise sensitive data. Increased frequency of DDoS attacks would severely cripple real-time enterprise systems.

Taking cognizance of this, numerous endpoint security solutions providers are already assembling at the frontiers, offering robust threat intelligence solutions. A case in point is that of Palo Alto, which offers the world’s first native 5G security firewall solutions in the PA-7000

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