Why is there Such On-Going Hype around Cryptocurrency, and is it Actually Masking the Power behind Blockchain Technology?
Bitcoin is already amidst the throw of a turbulent year; the recent ban on Cryptocurrency advertising from the world’s biggest search engine (Google) and social media platform (Facebook) is to proceed in June 2018, with rumours of Twitter to soon follow suit. This year has commenced with a lot of turmoil in the Cryptocurrency world. However, specialists argue that this has been necessary to preserve the long-term health of the market. Despite the industry currently in overdrive, key observers of the Blockchain say the technology is bound to not only survive but thrive.
The general outlook for Blockchain in 2018 looks to be increasingly positive: Fiat service provider, Robinhood, of which over 1 million people have signed up for, announced their zero-fee crypto trading on February 22nd; March 15th saw the official release of Lightning Network’s first beta implementation for the Bitcoin mainnet, securing $2.5M in seed funding; and one of the most important Polish Cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitbay, has decided to add support for Ripple (XRP) and Infinity Economics Token (XIN), impulsing the IoT to the mass market. It is clear that the production of mass market–focused products will finally be launching this year, making it a lot easier for the wider public to start building on and using the Blockchain.
What Does That Say About the Future of our Global Workforce?
As widely proposed in recent news, the future is autonomous. We are already moving towards a workforce that could be purely operated with combined use of Artificial Technology and robotics. Recent evidence from the McKinsey Global Institute’s study of 46 countries and 800 occupations found that up to one-fifth of the global workforce will be affected by robot automation. According to the report, 39 to 73 million jobs may

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