As we approach the last days of 2019, I wanted to reach out to thank you for being a Cloud Academy customer. When Giacomo and I started in 2013, we envisioned building a new way of teaching cloud and IT technologies to people and organizations worldwide.
In six years, we have been lucky enough to see our team working with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. We are technology people and we wanted to create a platform different from all the others, with a combination of great content and software, to make the learning experience highly interactive.
After all these years, we are just as excited about the work as we were on day one. And the reason for that is because of customers like you — because of your trust and support. The constant feedback, requests, and amazing responses are what keep all of us focused on our vision.
Our customers consumed millions of hours of content in the last 12 months, and thanks to our merge with QA, we have been able to add several new learning paths across different areas including Agile, Cyber Security, and Project Management — and more are coming online every month.
It’s been a fantastic year where we have seen our customers really use Cloud Academy to run global training programs at scale, in a way we couldn’t imagine before!

New content and software features in 2019
In 2019, we published more than 227 courses in our Training Library, worked on 92 new Hands-on Labs, and added Hands-on Labs Challenges to our platform. In total, we published more than 40 Learning Paths, each containing about 30+ hours of content.
At Cloud Academy, we focus on building content and software, and then combine them to create a unique experience for our customers.
In the last 12 months, we went live with a completely

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