That enterprises have been using ever-growing volumes of content over the past decade is a given. Content is at the heart of digital customer experiences and few successful businesses exist that do not have content front and centre in their strategy. 

There is more content in existence than ever before, and industry analyst group IDC has predicted that the volume of data will increase by 61% each year so that by 2025 there will be 175 zettabytes of data in the world. How enterprises manage this data has become increasingly important, a challenge exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic that has meant a majority of the workforce is now working from home, or remotely.

Each employee needs to access and work with enterprise content many times every day, which has led to an upturn in the use of cloud technology for Content Services Platforms (CSP). IDC has forecast that by 2025 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments and it is clear that enterprises will also be using cloud-native ECM solutions in ever-increasing numbers.

The value of content

The importance and value of content should not be under-estimated by any organisation. 2020 research from Nuxeo revealed that more than half of consumers (54%) would switch to a competitor if the digital customer experience did not measure up. This digital experience includes smart personalisation; up-to-date and accurate product information; and meaningful and hi-resolution product photography – all important elements of content.

Furthermore, additional Nuxeo research revealed that UK Financial Services (FS) firms store information and content across multiple systems, many of which are not fully connected. This is having a significant impact on knowledge workers who need to access content as a regular part of their jobs, with the research showing that they are spending almost one hour a day just searching for content

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