Regular readers of this site know that I am big fan of raising awareness and proficiency with soft skills. This was one of several thinga about this guest post that caught my eye. – KW
If you are a software developer or aspiring to be one, there are some skills, both technical and non-technical, you need to have to become a proficient developer. As a modern-day developer, you should have the knowledge and expertise of the platform you are working on. And when we talk about the platform, it means everything from the programming language, operating system, networking, data processing, and more. Integrating modern technologies and technical aspects of your work results in the development of a good product.
You may learn the basics of programming, but there are some essential skills that no one talks about. In this competitive world, if you want to gain industry-wide recognition, start earning more, and skyrocket your career, learning these skills is a must.
With that said, in this post, we will discuss some essential developer skills that nobody cares to learn but are important for one’s survival.
#1 Data Analysis and Visualization
When top companies are looking to hire proficient developers, they tap into the candidate’s knowledge of data structures and algorithms. This is a topmost priority for companies because it allows them to check the developer’s coding and problem-solving skills. The knowledge of programming language will not make you a good developer. If you know how data can be organized and how it can solve real-life problems, you become a good developer. Platforms like Artofvisualization are renowned for teaching students data analysis and visualization skills at a professional level. You should not refrain from learning such skills. It will allow you to remain competitive in the longer run.
#2 Networking Basics
The understanding of basic networking

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