Learnings from GfK Russia’s Foresight Session in Moscow
In January, GfK Russia organized a foresight session for clients and members of the healthcare research department. Its focus was the exploration of new trends in both the healthcare market in general and in the market research area in particular – and what the implications were for the future.
Modern life brings new innovations and poses new challenges, requiring new solutions
Digital technologies are apparent in all spheres of our life and have become a day-to-day reality. In the healthcare industry, we are seeing rapid digitalization and resulting opportunities provided by the development of telemedicine – which makes it possible for every patient from wherever they are to receive medical treatment remotely. We predict that in the future the primary diagnostics for patients will be done remotely with the help of artificial intelligence. Patients may then be referred to well-qualified medical specialists for online consultation. Thus, the primary tier of healthcare will experience significant changes. Considering the eventual increase of automation in primary care, the need for more GPs will be greater, and patients with mild medical conditions will be assisted by artificial intelligence. Most likely, there will be regulatory structures, which will considerably affect doctors’ medical protocol by ensuring they are in compliance with new regulations.
The development of digital technologies and their integration into the pharmaceutical market will have a significant effect
First, the market will change – the advent of electronic prescriptions and electronic pharmacies will alter the essence of the existing retail network and the distribution of medical supplies. It may even be that programmable drones will be delivering medicines to patients. We may also see a boost in the sphere of biotechnology and the development of a new generation of evolutionary medicines.
There’s no doubt that life expectancy will continue to rise steadily,

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