Following the recent updates from the UK government, many of us are now uncertain on when we will be able to return to our offices and work will continue as normal. This being said, remote working has gradually become the new normal, as we have steadily adapted to the working environment that we suddenly found ourselves in.
Within the past fews months, since lockdown began, remote workers have found their flow with this dramatic change and cloud solutions have been there every step of the way to ease this rather tricky process. Businesses are realising the answer to the question that has been asked many times before; would productivity suffer if employees worked from home? And the answer, for many, is no.
Thousands of us are waking up to the benefits of working from home and this change has created a new question to consider –  could remote working be the new normal?
The rise of remote working
Even before lockdown began, in 2019 over 1.5 million people worked from home in the UK, a 50% rise from 2009. Around 79% of businesses in the telecoms industry use cloud computing; and in the energy sector, as many as 87% are cloud users. This adoption has been fuelled by various technologies such as cloud solutions and collaborative platforms which are making the traditional working model obsolete.
Twitter is one of the recent examples of a company that is embracing working from home, allowing its employees to work remotely ‘forever’. This announcement follows many others, including the likes of Facebook and Google, which are also extending their work-from-home policy into 2021. Not only are the tech giants encouraging remote working using cloud technology, smaller businesses are also embracing working from home practices too as a result of low-cost cloud solutions. This new level of flexibility has the

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