Easy access to clean data is a critical need for any successful business. The more data you have readily available, the better equipped you are to make well-informed business decisions, and your cloud training initiatives are no exception to this rule.
At Cloud Academy, it’s our duty to help teams predictably assess, develop, and validate essential cloud skills at scale. To do that successfully, you need easy access to key metrics at every step in your training journey. That’s why we built comprehensive insights and analytics into our platform — to help businesses like yours optimize for success. 
Not only do we take data and insights seriously, but we pride ourselves in offering the most in-depth reporting available so you can validate your training efforts and drive innovation in your organization. Frankly, it’s one of the things that sets us apart! To further our commitment to your need for good data, we’re excited to announce the addition of nine new endpoints to the Cloud Academy API for seamless platform report generation.
A Look at What’s New 
Effortless Reporting
In our platform, we create a number of formatted reports with relevant insights on your training data, and our API has many endpoints so you can ingest this data into your own platform in a standard fashion. With our new API support for reports, you can now automate report generation and retrieval without having to enter the Cloud Academy platform.The report API enables you to seamlessly integrate your Cloud Academy reports directly into your corporate dashboards, so you can better understand your teams’ progress in one central location. 
Additional Insights 
The addition of these new reports gives you deeper analytics to reliably assess, develop, and validate critical cloud skills in a scalable process. Take a deeper dive into the impact of your training for individuals, teams, and the organization

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