(Reprinted with permission from ANS News, January/February 2020, p. 2)
ANS President Marilyn Kray is one of more than 40 men and women who have joined Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP), a group that is uniting leaders of nuclear policy organizations who have committed to work toward gender equality within their spheres of influence.
The importance of diversity in ANS has already been affirmed by the formation of the Diversity and Inclusion in ANS (DIA) Committee in 2018 (ANS News, Sept./Oct. 2018, p. 6), and by the release, also in 2018, of a revised ANS position statement on “Diversity and Inclusion in the Nuclear Profession.”
Kray’s participation in GCNP was recommended by the DIA Committee, according to Leah Parks, a committee member and a member of the ANS Board of Directors. Like all GCNP signatories, Kray has adopted a personal “panel parity pledge.”
“As a Gender Champion, I made a pledge to ensure that I speak on panels that are represented by both genders,” Kray said. “To be candid, this has been an easy pledge to uphold. There are qualified and articulate subject matter experts in the field of nuclear energy from both genders. As it happens, the chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Energy’s assistant secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy, and the chief executive officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute are all women. We are often speaking at the same conference or on the same panel. It is an honor and pleasure to present alongside these amazing women.”
In addition, Kray has pledged to work within ANS to define the role of session organizers and chairs in encouraging balanced participation during panel sessions, enforce ANS’s Respectful Behavior Policy at meetings, and ensure that spaces and settings used for networking are open to all genders. Progress on the pledge

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