by Will Davis

This week we have two wonderful, historic but short features that focus in on Idaho National Laboratory and some of the remarkable achievements that this storied site has accomplished.
First is a quite interesting but short film produced by INL to document a number of “firsts” and other events, which is made interesting by the inclusion of what appear to be clips from old, original full length documentary films on the various plants and test programs.  (Would love to see the whole films sometime, INL!)

Next, we zero in on just one of the many historic plants that has run at INL – the legendary EBR-I.  This video features commentary by Don Miley, who I believe I met while touring the INL site courtesy ANS member Hans Gougar.  This great short piece was produced by East Idaho News; ANS members should be sure to note the mention of the name of Walter Zinn, the first President of the American Nuclear Society.

BONUS LINK:  At one point the EBR-I experienced a major power excursion and suffered a partial core melt – an event not hidden at the time.  The core was removed and sent to Argonne National Lab where it was disassembled.  The following video link will take you to a documentary film of the core disassembly; this is perhaps the best film representation of a melted reactor core one will find.
Click here to see Argonne film on EBR-I core disassembly.

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