Good evening from Maine where it was a beautiful day for bike ride after school. Jumping on my bicycle after school on a sunny spring day always makes me feel like a kid again. I hope that you also have an activity in your life that makes you feel like a kid again. As the sun sets on the month of March I’ve compiled a list of the most read posts of the last 31 days. Take a look and see if your favorite post made the list or if there is something neat that you missed earlier this month. These were the most popular posts of the month:1. How to Create Your Own Online Board Game2. Kahoot Now Displays Questions and Answers on the Same Screen – Finally!3. How Does Artificial Intelligence Learn? – A TED-Ed Lesson I’m Using Today4. Google Meet Transcripts Automatically Saved as New Google Docs5. 27 Videos That Can Help Students Improve Their Writing6. 5 Features of Google Advanced Search That Students Should Know How to Use7. Why My Dogs Have Email Addresses and Your Dog or Cat Should Too8. New Copyright Compliance Checks in YouTube9. Jamboard Now Offers Version History10. A New Option for Shortening Microsoft Forms LinksOn-demand Professional Development at PracticalEdTech.comThe registrations for my Practical Ed Tech webinars and courses is what enables me to keep Free Technology for Teachers going. Right now there are three on-demand courses and webinars available. Ten Search Strategies Students Need to KnowA Crash Course in Making & Teaching With VideoA Crash Course in Google Earth & Maps for Social StudiesOther Places to Follow Me:The Practical Ed Tech Newsletter comes out every Sunday evening/ Monday morning. It features my favorite tip of the week and the week’s most popular posts from Free Technology for Teachers.My YouTube channel has more than 34,000

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