In the past decade, the rise of cloud computing has been undeniable. Businesses of all sizes are moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. This is partly because the cloud allows businesses and their employees to access important information from just about anywhere.
One of the well-known cloud service providers on the market is known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Currently, AWS has well over one million users and this number continues to grow with each passing day. With AWS, businesses are able to use over 100 cloud services to do everything from launching applications to securing them and just about everything in between.
If you are looking to take your skills as a developer or technology professional to the next level, then getting AWS certified is a great idea. In this article, we’ll cover the top six reasons why getting an AWS Certification is a great idea.
When you’re ready to dive into one of the many AWS Certifications available, the best preparation is to find a program that combines learning techniques. Cloud Academy’s AWS Certification training use a dynamic mix of video-based courses and practical, hands-on testing. Guided hands-on labs and non-guided lab challenges allow you to learn in live cloud environments using real accounts on AWS. Once you feel comfortable with the facts and have gained some applied experience, you can tackle the final exam simulation with confidence.

1. Cloud technology is the future
The main concern you should have as a developer or technology professional is staying on the cutting edge of your industry. Finding out about and embracing technology trends early on will make you indispensable to the companies you work for. For years, business owners and industry professionals have realized that cloud computing is the future of technology. It is estimated that by the year 2020, nearly

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