While many organisations are realising the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer, for those who have yet to take the plunge, simply knowing where to start on their path to digital transformation can be a real challenge in itself. In particular, companies who want to use AI to gather new insights from their data must first have in place a solid data strategy.
Given the large volume of data typically gathered and processed by today’s businesses, creating a strategy that will harness all that information in a clear and useful manner can seem virtually impossible. Where do you start? What exactly are you looking to achieve?
The following tips will help organisations of all sizes create a data strategy that will set them on the best path to using AI to gather business insights from their data:
1. Identify where data is stored – and how
Data is likely to be stored in all kinds of formats, from emails and documents to structured databases, and across various locations and standalone databases. Without a clear overview of their data, businesses could be missing out on all kinds of opportunities, from coordinating promotions to ordering stock in response to patterns of customer demand at different times of year.
2. Keep it in one place
Which brings me to my next point: all data should be kept within a centralised data lake to make it easily accessible.
A cloud-based service is an ideal place to start, as they are usually far less expensive than an on-site data centre. Ideally, organisations of all sizes should choose a platform that is easy to scale – in both capacity and performance – and think about which format they need their data to be available in. Using a translation tool such as Kafka will make it easier for companies to manage data

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