Inspire someone who inspires you, and give them a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year and throughout their career.
With your gift card to Cloud Academy, you can help someone dive deep into their technical education, getting real hands-on experience along the way.
Benefits of Cloud Academy
There’s so much expertise to gain within Cloud Academy, from certifications to software engineering, to big data. Our learning paths are tailored experiences designed to help you succeed with real hands-on experience. Our users learn from top instructors and get their hands dirty to retain knowledge.
You’ll be able to give the skills needed to command better pay and more career opportunities in 2021. 

What specific areas can users focus on?
Let’s help people make maximum impact in minimum time. These focus areas can help users launch themselves forward quickly.
Certifications are the best way to quickly help learners stand out in a competitive job market. We have more than 40 certification learning paths in our library:

11 of the 12 AWS certifications
14 of the 14 Azure certifications
6 of the 8 GCP certifications
2 of the 2 Kubernetes certifications

Our programming and software engineering libraries are constantly growing. New users can get their feet wet with relevant topics such as:

Introduction to Java
Python for Beginners
ReactJS: Zero to Hero

Big Data
Not just part of certifications, users can dive deep into big data theory, practical languages used in data fields, and hands-on labs to learn quickly, starting with:

Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp One – Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning
Introduction to Data Visualization
The Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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