The promise of 5G network technologies for enabling wide scale digital transformation for the businesses of tomorrow cannot be understated. From turbocharging economic growth to powering future innovations, the world will grow increasingly reliant on this new generation of wireless connectivity as it continues to be rolled out. However, if reports from earlier this year of the negative misconceptions held by some are anything to go by, it seems that the mobile industry still has work to do in terms of educating people on what 5G is, what it will do and what it could enable us to achieve.

The risk of cumulative negative sentiment towards 5G is that it could cause governments and businesses alike to pull back on their investment in and adoption of the new technology – right at a crucial moment when excitement about its potential should be ramping up. Delays to the rollout of 5G could put a dampener on the kind of digital transformation that could boost the economic recovery for thousands of businesses both in the UK and around the world – from the biggest international corporations down to the smallest innovative startups. For this reason, the mobile industry must redouble its efforts to tackle misconceptions, challenge misinformation and encourage greater awareness and understanding of the enterprise benefits of 5G and how businesses can ensure they are well-placed to take advantage of them.

Assessing 5G awareness

A recent study conducted by Global Wireless Solutions sought to understand the sentiments of UK businesses when it came to 5G technology. The good news is that awareness of the future importance of 5G appears to be strong. While it is still in the early phase of rollout across the UK, more than half of respondents (56%) reported that 5G is already important to their organisation, with over a quarter

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