I missed the job announcement on the company website.  I missed it again when the company posted the job on Linkedin.  I missed it when Eric Ralph tweeted that the posting was “probably the coolest job posting I’ve read in years.”  Fortunately, though, I follow Isaac Kohne (MD, PhD), and I did see his tweet:

Yes, I’m talking about SpaceX.  Yes, the job is for a “Starship Medical Engineer.”  Yes, it’s to help SpaceX’s mission to Mars, whenever that might be.  Who knows, the job might even entail going to Mars, although that’s not spelled out. 

I am not, of course, remotely qualified for such a job.  In fact, I don’t even know anyone who might be.  But I agree with Mr. Ralph that it’s probably the coolest job posting I’ve seen in years, maybe ever.  And I even more agree with Dr. Kohne: it could be an “opportunity to rethink a bigger broken system.”

Hint: I don’t think he’s talking about just the SpaceX mission. 

SpaceX is looking for a physician – M.D. or D.O. – who also has a Masters of Engineering and experience with aerospace medicine.  I imagine that substantially cuts down on the candidate pool.  The list of responsibilities are pretty daunting:

Serve as a point of contact for customers with relevant SpaceX stakeholders for medical development initiativesWork across teams to design, integrate, and implement a medical system of the futureSupport research including health data collection before, during, and after human spaceflight missions focusing on effects of long-duration spaceflight within the context of a widening range of passenger health issuesServe as the aerospace medicine technical expert for human spaceflight activitiesDevelop and coordinate space medicine flight operations with technical, operations, and programmatic partiesProvide medical support during flight operations and development as a console operator

In short, “As a Starship medical engineer,

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