Can Your Students See all of Their Grades and the Feedback You’ve Provided (you did provide feedback, right)? Are You Sure?
If you are a teacher in higher education and you regularly provide feedback to your students when you grade their work, and you make sure they know what their grades are (on assignments and overall), then I say, “Thank You” on behalf of your students. Of course, you probably just see this as a part of your job, but I have encountered too many instructors who simply do not. I suppose many of them may not understand how this influences student success.
I provide my students a complete list of their grades on all their assignments several times throughout each term or semester (depending on which modality I am teaching – we have traditional 15 week semesters, 8 week hybrid terms, and 8 week online terms). It is time consuming to create these custom print outs, but it inevitably informs many students of things that they either did not realize, or just forgot. Not only does this encourage them to complete or turn in work they may have overlooked or thought they had turned in but didn’t, it also gives them more time to do so (as opposed to rushing at the end of the term when they realize they are behind).
But how are they going to learn to be responsible?
I accept late work. Of course, some teachers like to argue that if students can’t turn work in on time, they shouldn’t be allowed to turn it in at all. “They need to learn to be responsible!” Hold on. Courses have Learning Outcomes, and that is what students are supposed to learn. They need to demonstrate those learning outcomes through assignments, projects, and quizzes or tests. Demonstrating their learning has little

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