DevOps practices for mobile app development continue to be popular, allowing better integration with existing development processes and better-utilising resources. It is essential to understand this development approach’s key value propositions. 

This article will explain the critical reasons for leading mobile development companies to adopt mobile DevOps practices to boost productivity and efficiency. 

 What Exactly is DevOps?

DevOps is a modern software development methodology that, for the first time, ensured a collaborative approach to bridge the gap between the development process and business operations. In other words, to say, it ensures optimum collaboration between all the different processes and contributors that play an essential role in the development and deployment of software. Bringing everyone in a project on the same page ensures excellent productivity, superior output, and higher efficiency. 

Mobile DevOps Speeds Up App Release 

DevOps allowing collaboration across development and operation teams, ensures streamlining the entire processes, from conceptualising, development, testing and deployment. 

It allows easy sharing of information between multiple teams and can reduce the time of the development cycle. During the development, the frequent iterations ensure quicker code deployment and testing to save a lot of time than the phase-by-phase process.

In addition to all these, mobile DevOps offers a quicker path to fix software issues throughout the development cycle instead of waiting for testing at the end of the cycle. This continuous testing and continuous development woven into one another speeds up development while ensuring optimum quality. 

In many parts of the world where budget-friendly development takes the lead role, faster development ensured by the mobile DevOps approach has come as a big rescuer. Thousands of expert mobile app developers in India who need to face stiff competition in cost and efficiency are increasingly finding DevOps as the most suitable development approach. 

Efficient Resource Utilization

An integral and key part of the mobile DevOps approach is

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