Information technology is a field that rapidly changes as software and technology continues to advance. Anyone who would write on the similarities and differences between traditional IT practices and those inspired by cloud computing would note these changes. These changes are expected to grow more drastic in the coming year—here are some of the advancements you can expect to see in IT because of cloud computing.
Multicloud Systems
Before, there was a single cloud that could be shared by entire organisations or individual people. Multicloud systems will become more popular in 2019, helping organisations limit access to and share information. This will give them greater control over the employees that have access. Additionally, employees can have individual clouds that sync with the main multicloud system. The major change that will result is an increased need for IT personnel to manage these complex systems.
Quantum Computing
While 2019 may not be the year that a quantum computer will be developed, the research shows that IT companies may be closer than ever to creating a computer that can seamlessly interact with artificial intelligence, encrypt data effortlessly, predict the weather, improve financial modelling, and solve complex medical problems, to name a few things. The race is on as technology giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel try to create a quantum computer. Currently, there are some quantum computing services available. 
Cloud Security Could Become More Complicated
As the cloud grows, it will be necessary that the security measures put in place to secure it grow as well. This could involve development of greater security measures, advanced encryption strategies, and an increased need for personnel to manage these systems. This may grow beyond the scope of professionals typically hired by companies. In this case, outside IT personnel may need to be consulted.
Option of Serverless Computing
For some companies,

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