Startups and cloud computing have always been in some ways very connected. However, the world is changing. How much of an impact did the cloud have for the startup boom and how will it help them survive the essential new era?
Cloud And The Start Up Boom
We have been living in an era of fast technological change. Some still remember – as if it was that long ago – that only 20 years ago telephones were still stuck to the wall and VHS tapes were a big hit. Global connectivity and digitalisation were just dreams – even some of the industry leaders thought it ridiculous to think that we would all be connected by this global network. However, things have changed. If it looks like the world has changed a lot on the surface, you only have to look slightly below to see just how large that change is.
With tech evolving, so did the business.
Trends like cloud computing and mobile devices have shifted the playing field more towards startups. While they used to struggle with competing with titans of various industries, they were able to compete with them as equals in this field of startups.
Startups got the access to the same tools and infrastructure that large enterprises had. Through cloud computing, small businesses had a unique opportunity to operate entire networks without even a single piece of hardware.
Back in 2015, startups were equal to large businesses because of the cloud.
The New Digital Era
Companies around the world – no matter the size and industry – are embracing new technologies, business models and globalized economy. From AirBnB to various learning apps, the change and transformation happening because of the digital era are obvious. So many different technologies have emerged that we could only dream of just

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