As lockdown measures in the UK continue to ease, many businesses have begun to speculate what the post-Covid19 landscape may look like. As experts estimate that China is roughly 4 weeks ahead of the UK with regards to the pandemic impact, we can look at their business recovery rates, for some direction of what to expect. As it stands, early signs reference a u-shaped recovery. Which suggests a lingering effect over the coming months before trade returns to pre-Covid19 numbers. Throughout this lingering effect, it’ll be vital for businesses to communicate with their customers in a bid to remain top of mind.
The pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty leaving many individuals experiencing both health and financial anxiety, it’s essential that businesses get their communication right. Afterall, brands want to be top of mind for the right reasons. So while customer safety will remain the priority for the majority of businesses, the question remains how and when is it appropriate for businesses to start communicating with customers after Covid-19? To assist, we’ve highlighted some important considerations to ensure customer communications are effective, while remaining sensitive to the situation at hand.
Provide open, transparent updates
As the UK is still in the earliest stages of recovery, there are still a lot of unknowns and decisions which remain dependent on external data. As such, even decisions around businesses reopening can be overturned to ensure public safety. For example, on 30th June 2020, after what was described as a “surge in coronavirus cases”, the city of Leicester was the first UK city to announce a “local lockdown”. The tightening of restrictions has meant that non-essential shops have had to shut once again. As this situation is unprecedented, it’s important to remember that customers aren’t expecting businesses to have all the answers. Businesses should be truthful

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