Simon works as a Cloud Architect in the tech field, and his job demands are such that he has to straddle both cloud and legacy infrastructures. It was this level of sophisticated need that attracted him to Cloud Academy.

Certifications prove your knowledge and experience
Simon is using Cloud Academy to get more hands-on experience and to get AWS certified. Through many job interviews, he learned that companies really value AWS certification for senior-level positions. So Simon’s goals are to take his current work experience, add in hands-on practice from labs, and aim for two certifications in the next 12 months: AWS Cloud Practitioner first, then AWS Solutions Architect.
What features work for Simon?
Simon likes the structure of learning paths. He takes them from beginning to end and feels they provide a good way to attack complicated topics. He likes the courses, but he really enjoys having videos mixed together with hands-on labs in order to get different modes of learning activated.
Simon’s favorite instructor is Stuart Scott, Cloud Academy’s AWS lead. He enjoys Stuart’s clarity of instruction as well as the wide range of topics that he covers.

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