Today, whether you are running a well-established business or want to launch a venture, you can not imagine your business without social media. Social media has gained huge attention in the last couple of decades as it enables business owners to reach out to their customers in a most personalised way. Gone are the days when print media and radio advertisements were enough for brand owners to grab the user’s attention.
today, if you want to expand your business’s reach without any geographical boundary, you must consider digital tools that flourish your business. These days, after Uber’sUber’s huge success and other on-demand business models, many entrepreneurs have started to transform their traditional business because it ensures a quick return on the investment.
Now imagine you have developed a website, design a fully-functional app, but how you will attract customers towards your products and services. Having a strong customer base is key to success. According to HubSpot, good customer retention strategies are more affordable than acquiring new customers.
90% of businesses today leverage social media strategy as it gives optimum results and helps the business increase customer retention ratio. Here are the topmost effective methods that help you increase customer retention ratio through social media.
Importance Of Customer Retention

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The above chart clearly shows that acquiring new customers is more challenging than retaining an old one. Hence, you need to craft a robust customer retention strategy that helps you expand your business and bring new customers. An excellent and well-depth customer retention strategy is important because it helps you reach your target goals.
Here we are talking about the online taxi business. If you have adopted the uber taxi app script for your venture, then a good customer retention ratio will add value to your transport business and help you attract new clients on a daily

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