The UK’s position as a global technology powerhouse could be in jeopardy due to the lack of new talent entering the industry.
It has been well documented, so will come as no surprise to most, that the sector is experiencing a chronic skills shortage, with employers finding it hard to match jobs to suitable candidates.
Research has shown that almost 80% of tech employers have indicated that a shortage of suitable candidates is their number one recruitment concern, with 75% having encountered a moderate or extreme skills shortfall.
There’s a real fear is that if this deficit deepens then the country’s coveted place at the fore of the global digital economy will be impacted.
The technology sector plays a vital part in the economy and in order to continue to realise its potential, it is critical that ambitious people with the right attitudes and attributes are found to become the next generation of tech pioneers.
It’s a sector that’s worth almost £184bn to the UK economy, according to the 2018 Tech Nation Report. This same report stated that figure was up from £170bn in 2016, and that the turnover of digital tech firms rose by 4.5% in the 2016-17 period, favouring well when compared to the 1.7 % UK GDP.
It’s a fast paced, dynamic environment that is changing and growing all the time, and skills are needed to develop emerging areas particularly fintech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and eco tech systems.
The jobs out there are many and varied, covering software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud, AI and much more.
Right across the industry, essential jobs need to be filled to satisfy the global demand for digital. This demand will only get greater and failure to gain the right people for posts could result in other countries overtaking us and push ahead in these fields

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