Improving digital literacy among employees is crucial in creating opportunities for sustained growth and rewards for organizations. Yet, companies are struggling to reskill their workforce and close the digital literacy gap to progress.
We are at the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution – with emerging technologies leading the way for high growth and productivity. Organizations across industries and lines of business are on the path of digital transformation – implementing innovative applications, platforms, and business models.
But a study cited by HR Technologist reveals that only 37% of these initiatives are successful, and the lack of transformation in the workforce is the surprising cause. In fact, a Capgemini research drilled down on the likely culprits and found that 62% of the time cultural issues hold back transformation initiatives. A lofty 43% say the lack of digital skills is the most important hindrance in digitization projects. Together, these two are emblematic of the digital literacy gap in the workforce today.
Companies like Cloud Academy offer hands-on cloud training programs that drive digital literacy. With an all-in-one online-based solution to uplevel skill gaps, enterprises and individual users can quickly uplevel their technical capabilities on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Programming, Security, and much more.

With historic low unemployment rates and the rapid transformation of companies – there’s a huge tech talent shortage in the country. Even with the rise of remote employees and freelancers, there remains a huge gap in the potential of digital transformation.
That’s why enhancing employees’ digital literacy is crucial for companies to grow. The need for an employee base that can do new kinds of work and fill emerging roles is not optional for today’s modern enterprises.
How do you do enhance digital literacy?
1. Train beyond competence
2. Deploy a holistic approach
3. Leverage peer learning
4. Employ blended techniques
1. Train beyond competence
For the emerging tools

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