High quality sales leads are the backbone of any thriving tech business, however, there are many definitions as to what a “quality” lead is. For example, should you class any prospect that has shown interest in your business services or products? Or should you wait until they’re further down your sales funnel until they are considered “high quality”? 
Sud Kumar, marketing director at digital marketing agency Origin, discusses the key steps that technology businesses should take to generate high quality leads.
In many organisations, marketing teams will generate leads and send them over to their sales teams to close. However, this is not necessarily the best way to boost your business growth, as you may be sending across low quality leads to your sales team, which will mean that they’re wasting their efforts when trying to convert them.
So, what should you be focusing your efforts on?
In reality, the fewer, better quality leads you generate, the better, as this will enable your sales people to really get to know the leads, get under the skin of their problems and build meaningful, working relationships with them that will grow into lasting customer relationships.
Categorising leads the right way…
Leads can be categorised by their position in the sales funnel and their level of interest in your business.
For technology businesses, you’ll be able to look at how your service and product will have an impact on the lead’s organisation. For example, will your tech drastically improve their operations and provide the solution to their problem? This will present an opportunity for you to communicate all the benefits they’ll gain by implementing your technology which will pique their interest and push them further down your sales funnel.
To ensure you categorise your leads in the right way, it’s useful to be aware of the two different types of

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