It’s not easy to plan for digital change. If we could predict what would happen in the future, MySpace might have taken up Facebook’s $75 million acquisition offer in 2004, and BlockBuster might not have “nearly laughed Netflix out of the room” when the streaming business asked it to buy it for $50 million. Technology is unpredictable, and that doesn’t make it easy to plan for.
With the likes of connected cars, virtual reality and drones appearing in the news everyday, the digitisation footprint follows us wherever we go. To stay in line with others in your industry, keeping on top of these relevant changes is important. But how do we do this?
Andy Allan, Owner of CAT Autokeys, explains his five tips for staying in the know…
Never Stop Learning
It’s easy to get stuck into the daily routine and become an expert at your job, but not your trade. Yet things will undoubtedly change, and if you’re not careful you can easily lose your lead – successful people are always learning.
Read everything you can about your industry online and use social media to your advantage to stay on top of the latest news and changes in your industry. You can also set up hashtags to follow, or create a list of influential people in your sector on Twitter.
Accept that you don’t know everything in your industry, and it will help you to embrace a new learning culture. Set aside a couple of hours a month to make sure that you’re fully on top of the latest updates and then you can plan out what this means for your business. It doesn’t have to be a massive time expenditure, a few hours can go a long way.
Network to Success
Connected people are successful, because relationships are powerful. When it comes to staying on

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