It is no surprise that many companies have lost millions of users based on hacks and data breaches. However, one thing was common in each of these companies, which is a fallible cryptographic control system. As a security leader, you must bring out your ‘A’ game and be on the top of guarding your cybersecurity with the right tactics.

That is when digital certificates come into the picture and protect access to all of your applications and devices. Any overhaul in the management systems can put a full stop to your business and can also cut a sorry picture in front of your target customers. Well. You save you all that melodrama, here are six such bullet-tested points to get you some thinking and protect your business before it is too late. Here is what we will be delving into today:

Refrain from the inefficient Cryptographic PracticesImbibe Visibility into your Certificate InventorySegregate your Digital Certificate VendorsConfigure safe SSL Protocols when establishing Servers Eradicate stagnant and unused Certificates, right away!Yes to Automatic Certificate Lifecycle Management 

  Refrain from the inefficient Cryptographic Practices 

It is the encryption techniques that ascertain whether the security of your infrastructure will remain safeguarded or not. In such cases, it is of high pertinence that you have the backup of a sound knowledge that tells you which to pick from the sea of options. First, DSA, RSA, SHA1, and SHA2 are the most popular in the market today and are most commonly used. On similar tracks, steer away from the techniques that have had a proven record of fallen vulnerability. Some of the known ones include MD5, RC4, and lesser than 1024-bit RSA modulus.

Here, you must also note that the more is the bit-length, the higher the computing power it will demand. Hence, choose wisely. Additionally, you may offer limited access to your

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