We’ve all heard the expression that first impressions last. So, what if you “meet” someone on video for the first time? How can you make a good impression then, and is the impression of equal importance? Of course, it is. What people see when they watch that little video frame, is all they know about you. And yes, the environmental impression lasts on video too.
In this article, I’ll share a few simple ideas on how you can smarten up your video background at home.
We’re living in a time of E-meetings and Zoom calls, Skype and Facebook lives have replaced our meeting rooms and coffee shops. Conferences, presentations and even networking events are now taking place in your own living-room and people you’ve never met are suddenly invited to see what your private bookcase and kitchen looks like.
If you’re in business and you’re representing a brand, you should of course make an effort to scrub up a bit, and this includes your environment too.
How do you smarten up the background then?

Decluttering is the first and simplest way to create a better background. If you have toys, food leftovers or even just messy stacks of paper and books behind you, people are going to read this as your personal behaviour and think you’re messy and disorganised. So, declutter, just remove piles of things to the side of the video frame and please take your drying pants off the radiator behind you! Remember that people will only see what’s in the frame, so anything behind the camera will remain secret.
A neutral, clear background won’t give a bad impression, but if you try too hard or have the wrong things visible, it might be more damaging than you think.
Of course, any branded products that stand out should be removed, such as known fizzy drinks

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