A UX proposal, also known as a design brief, is an outline of proposed changes to the User Experience design of a digital product. When looking at a UX proposal the UX designers needs to ensure that they outline the problem, explain why it is a problem, and present a thorough solution.
This can be somewhat challenging, as the designer needs to make it very clear what the problem is and how the solution addresses it. They may even be describing them to someone who is not directly involved in the process. All put together, many UX designers may feel put off creating a proposal. But it is actually essential to the designer and the stakeholder, putting them on the same page and keeping both parties informed about each other’s vision and concerns.
By presenting the stakeholder with a UX proposal the designer can show what better design means to the company, from higher quality products to safer websites, from a more streamlined workflow to better ratings. The proposal will help the designer sell a design improvement to their stakeholder, and avoid confusion and arguments over design decisions you are making along the way. It is their blueprint to better design.
Somewhat ironically, after all that hard work the UX proposal could be dismissed because of how it is presented. Stephen N. Lewis, a UX Designer at UKWritings explains: “A UX designer, of all people, understands best how important presentation is. When you hand in a UX proposal that is full of spelling mistakes, rambling, or sloppy, the other designers reviewing it may think that you just don’t care. And if youdon’t care about your proposal, why should anyone else?”
The top tips for presenting a perfect UX proposal are:

Speak to a writing consultant. Before getting started it is a great idea to get a writing

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