Universities and K-12 educators alike are experiencing challenges in keeping students engaged and finding the right tools to digitally transform the classroom during distance learning. Students are faced with distractions, lack of motivation, technical issues along with a diminished social environment.
During the pandemic, 42% of students indicated staying motivated was a significant barrier to complete online coursework. COVID-19 exposed how the U.S. education system fails to adequately serve students due to the lack of personalized distance learning, immersive experiences and adoption of digital learning solutions.
With the abrupt transition to online learning, students were faced with frustration and were not adequately prepared for the new learning setting. However, distance learning also provides the opportunity to discover and implement new avenues for increased productivity and learning with the integration of digital solutions. Students are particularly adept to these tech solutions due to their familiarity with technology and social media interaction.
Educators have different teaching styles and assignment requirements. That’s why finding a digital solution that is flexible and offers a variety of customizable features are important considerations for selecting a digital collaboration solution.

Hoylu is transforming the way educators and students collaborate and learn. Hoylu is used by educators around the globe to facilitate distance learning with its collaborative online whiteboard, presentation tools, multimedia capabilities and integrations with tools like Microsoft Office:

Collaborative Whiteboard: Lecture, share notes, and ask questions, live with all collaborators in the Hoylu Workspace. Hoylu’s collaborative whiteboard provides a natural whiteboard experience including a toolbox with the essential tools for drawing, writing and marking documents. Educators can facilitate exercises for students or collaborate with classmates from afar.
Lead the Class: Lead the class by enabling “Presenter Mode” a feature that brings all users in the Workspace to the same page. Presenter Mode allows educators to take control of the Workspace for lectures

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