Almost every company has switched to digital services in some way or other, whether it be online banking or informational websites. However, just like thieves robbed banks, hackers can get into online banks and perform just as much destructive crime, so how do we prevent this? Cyber-security, of course, but do you know enough information about the training for a career in cyber-security, or the various careers available to you? All of this information has been collected into this article, so you don’t need to worry about those gaps in your knowledge anymore!
Cyber-Security’s Importance
Cyber-security matters so much, to everyone on any form of internet, because it can affect exactly that many people. “From government officials, to large businesses, to your grandma on her first computer, everyone is affected by cyber-security, or a lack thereof, whether they know it or not,” Rebecca Curran, a network administrator at Academized, suggests. “Your data lingers on the internet, collected by companies who watch your every click and search, so protecting all of that vulnerable data from the greedy hands of hackers and unsavoury individuals who may use it for criminal purposes is a must.” So, why sit back and let other people do the job of safe-guarding people on the internet, when you could train for it and do it yourself? It’s a perfectly viable and stable career, as you will soon learn, so why not be a part of the cyber-security solution?
First of all, even if you complete training with a certain company (presumably leading up to a job with them) you will get certification which you can show to any company which you want to work for, so that a concrete record can be given to a potential future employer. Your certification will be different depending on what sort of course you took – they

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