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This week in ‘the wrap’ … another higher ed institution puts some teeth into formal recognition for the vital soft skills employeers seek, Canvas sneaks ahead of Blackboard, connecting students and classrooms across the world, a look back at an eye-opening piece about the broken way we often approach edtech (‘pigeons’), a practical tip on adding a timer to a PowerPoint presentations, and much more to explore!
Davenport University launches a soft skills certificate program
Special Education Students On the Rise (up to 13% of Ss now in the US)
By the way, if you missed it, Canvas has now overtaken Blackboard as the leading LMS in the US

Canvas Surpasses Blackboard Learn in US Market Share

Results From Triseum’s Year-Long Game-Based Learning Validation Study Reveal Strong Student Engagement, Motivation and Knowledge Acquisition
The Unique Power of Networked Teaching and Learning
The Pigeons of Ed-Tech (how Edward L. Thorndike won and John Dewey lost) … nearly 4 years later, has much changed?
The Internet is amazing and empowering, yet we’ve collectively used and allowed it to maim journalism and cripple informed debate … Why We Have Bad News: The Disintermediation of the Media
How Do Institutions Select Student Success Technologies?

How Do Institutions Select Student Success Technologies?

How to Add a Timer to PowerPoint Slides
Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality: Evolving Framework to Connect Outcomes, Credentials, at a macro level

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