Here at Cloud Academy, we’re customer- and product-obsessed. It’s our mission to understand what our users want and need so we can help to empower their learning goals. We listen to feedback from all of our users, and combined with data from throughout our platform, we continually deploy updates that will help you have a better experience.
So what did we release this time? Let’s check it out…
Platform Speed Improvements
First of all, we’re excited to announce the release of what we internally called our Need for speed project!
We’ve improved loading times for the most popular pages on our platform. This all started because we felt that we could improve load times on some pages. It may not be flashy, but it’s at the core of the user experience and was something we really wanted to improve.
As always, we set some unbelievably high expectations. Every time we were asked, “How much do you want to improve the loading time…” our answer was, “by one hundred percent.” We were really impressed that our dev team was happy to accept the challenge.
Here some amazing results:

Mobile App: Both the Android and iOS apps are now blazingly fast (and by that we mean milliseconds of loading time) for the most common use cases, i.e. Training Plan loading, Continue Studying content loading, Search, and our library.
Learning Paths: Pages load in less than 500ms.
Labs: If you go back to the last lab you visited, the subsequent loads take ms. Advancing to the next step in a lab is now immediate.
Courses: Just like with our labs, the loading of the next lecture is now immediate.

Management Dashboard Improvements
Customer Success Manager contact box
We have a fantastic Customer Success team involved in helping our customers thrive within our enterprise products. Now you can reach our Customer Success team directly from our platform

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