As Cloud Academy continues to grow, we want to build a vibrant community between our customers, employees, partners, and tech enthusiasts around the world who may find value in our continuous training solution that provides online training in 140+ countries worldwide. 
There are many ways to build great communities, but LinkedIn feels like the right place to start. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the Cloud Academy Community group on LinkedIn.

Here is a summary of what we’re trying to accomplish. 
What is it?
This is a community of tech enthusiasts, cloud professionals, and digital innovators interested in learning more about cloud computing and technology in general through the Cloud Academy platform.
What’s our purpose?
Our objective is to build a community on LinkedIn to foster discussion about industry and platform trends and best practices for developing tech skills. Our vision is to enable our community to socialize, ask questions, and receive the support needed. Our SMEs will be there answering content questions and sharing news about Cloud Academy, such as new features, content, events, and webinars.
What you can expect
A place to share your achievements where they will be celebrated
We love it when we see our customers share their achievements on their social media profiles. Whether you just passed a certification exam, completed a full learning path, or even just solved your first lab challenge, we would love for you to share your success on our social networks and in the group!
Communication on new product features and content
Our Content team is working round-the-clock to provide the most up-to-date content, and our Product team is constantly releasing new features to enhance our customer experience. We’ll keep you posted in the group when we have important announcements.
Information on events and webinars
During the pandemic, we switched our focus from large tech events to online technical webinars. We’re working on

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