Cloud computing seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. But is it really the best way to handle large amounts of data at an affordable price? We approached the topic and analyzed it from the perspective of companies that work with big and small data.
Let’s face it: a few years back, there weren’t that many companies who loved the idea of storing important information in the cloud. The data had to be kept on-site, in secure servers that could be watched and maintained by the company employees.
However, with the rapid development of big data, it seems that local storage facilities can’t keep up. As a company, you either invest more in equipment, personnel, and storage spaces, or you make the leap and put everything in the cloud.
Furthermore, due to recent technological developments, cloud storage solutions are more secure, cost less, and don’t require hiring specialized people for maintenance. So, you can see why more and more companies make the switch and give up on standard data centers.
In fact, the industry has grown so quickly that, even though it’s the next natural step, changing to the cloud can feel confusing. So, to find the right solution for your needs, we will provide some helpful tips that will come in handy to businesses of any size and type.
Choose the Provider for your Needs
The good news is that there is a cornucopia of cloud providers on the market, for any type of business. However, this doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to select the one that works best in your favor.
In this situation, you need to start with a list of needs. Ask yourself: what exactly do you need from cloud computing? Do you need more storage space, faster data access, software systems to use on the go?
Cloud computing offers

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