Replatforming your ecommerce site can be one of the most daunting, yet most necessary changes a growing online business can consider. Many merchants hold back on migration through fear of losing site traffic and customers, but also run the risk of being left behind by competitors who are putting in the work to create heightened user journeys. Is it worth the risk?
Why consider replatforming your ecommerce site?
The online retail landscape is ever-evolving. The ecommerce site you opted for initially might no longer be serving you or the needs of your customers. It could be holding you back from offering the best possible customer experience and it might be forcing users to use your competitors instead.
Other factors to consider when migrating or replatforming your site include:

Site speed – the faster your page speed, the higher your site will rank in Google
Cost – you could potentially cut web hosting costs dramatically
Maintenance – easier site maintenance means quicker implementation and better performance
Limited functionality – increase the ease of use of the site and its interactivity

You could be asking yourself if there’s an alternative platform out there that may help you to solve these problems. If you could get your hands on a site that’s easier to maintain and has incredible capability to help you scale and provide unrivalled user journeys, is cheaper and quicker – that would be the ecommerce Holy Grail.
Yes, there’s a lot involved in getting the process right and it’s a big business decision to make but migrating your ecommerce site can drastically improve what you offer as a business. It can dramatically broaden your reach, boost your rankings, transform your conversion rates and prove to be an incredibly valuable investment. For example, according to a 2019 study, migrating to Magento Commerce 2 saved 62% in costs – savings such

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