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Wouldn’t you like to step out of the day-to-day work routine and set yourself up for some long-term success?
Making a change is hard. Everyone has so many commitments and only so many hours in a day. But did you know that taking just one forward step today will pay off? You don’t have to worry about the final outcome yet — you can figure that out as you go.
In fact, we’ve created a mini-framework for you to do just that. All you need to do is sign in and explore.
Welcome to your Cloud Marathon

What is it?
Cloud Marathon is a 100-day commitment to learning, organized by the team at Cloud Academy and kicking off June 14, 2021.
You can sign up and complete the Full Marathon (60 minutes of studying per day for 100 days) or Half Marathon (60 minutes of studying for 50 of 100 days) and your education is free or half-off, respectively.
Are you ready to make your own luck? Transform your life and career by getting more of the right experience, right now, with Cloud Academy. Increase your earnings potential and open the door to new opportunities by improving your skills, gaining certifications, and outpacing your peers. 
How it works:
1. Start training 
You wouldn’t run a marathon without plotting your course and getting ready in advance, right? Sign up anytime before June 14th, create your account, and get early access to the Cloud Academy platform at no additional cost. Use this time to warm up, decide where you want to start, and get comfortable with all of Cloud Academy’s features!
2. Pick your marathon commitment
Full marathon: 60 minutes per day for 100 days + daily social share (100)
Half marathon: 60 minutes per day for 50 out of 100 days + daily social share (50)
3. Start your

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