Let’s say you’re trying to build a new software product in the cloud. You might be a C-level, a VP, or a Director or Product Manager. For this little exercise, your role doesn’t really matter because you’ve shipped products before, so you know how to get things done.
But when your team or even your whole organization is new to the cloud, how will you know your group is ready to get from point A to point B? How do you take a guess at your team’s skill level and know that they’re ready?
You can’t.
That’s right, you can’t just guess or estimate when products, deadlines, and investments are on the line. At Cloud Academy, this is what we do: we help enterprises and organizations from two employees to hundreds of thousands understand precisely what their team’s tech skill levels are. We give you exact, actionable steps so you can create plans for your teams to reach their goals.
Forget about the loftier ideas floating around in the tech world: the digital divide, tech debt, digital transformation, AI/ML, etc. To really get where your team stands, you can get concrete reports on employees’ tech skills with real-time validation of their progress. You’ll know where your teams are and the exact steps to be ready for your next technical project.
Get insight into your teams — now
This is all part of Cloud Academy Enterprise. Now we’re offering this to you — and your team — to get key insights whenever you want.
Use the free 7-day Cloud Academy Tech Skills Assessment to try out Cloud Academy Enterprise and assess your team’s skill levels. When you sign up, you get full access to everything in our platform: assessment, metrics, courses, and hands-on labs. 

You can quickly assess your team’s tech skills on a variety of different topics:
General cloud,

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