Kapwing is an online photo and video editor with a great free version that works on any device. It is a whole suite of tools to perform simple editing tasks such as trimming videos, creating stop motion videos, adding subtitles, converting videos to gifs, resizing photos and videos, adding audio to videos, creating photo and video collages, and a handful of other tasks–you can see a full list of the tools here. The most popular tool, Studio, has a few of the other tools built in (such as trimming video and adding audio), so that’s a good place to get started. Kapwing is used in a lot of classrooms as a tool for both educators and students and there is an education section of their blog here with lots of ideas and use cases. It is very easy to use and has a lot of great features and tools that will be very useful for students and teachers.Here is an article on Kapwing for classrooms on Medium (they have added more editing features since the article was originally published).You can register for Kapwing for free here: https://www.kapwing.com/signinRelated:Lots of Photo Editing apps and resourcesLots of Video Editing apps and resources .

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