Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is considered to be one of the Big 3 cloud platforms among Microsoft Azure and AWS. GCP is widely used cloud solutions supporting AI capabilities to design and develop smart models to turn your data into insights at a cheap, affordable cost. The following excerpt is taken from the book ‘Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform‘ authored by Sanket Thodge.GCP offers many machine learning APIs, among which we take a look at the 3 most popular APIs:Cloud Speech APIA powerful API from GCP! This enables the user to convert speech to text by using a neural network model. This API is used to recognize over 100 languages throughout the world. It can also support filter of unwanted noise/ content from a text, under various types of environments. It supports context-awareness recognition, works on any device, any platform, anywhere, including IoT. It has features like Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Global Vocabulary, Streaming Recognition, Word Hints, Real-Time Audio support, Noise Robustness, Inappropriate Content Filtering and supports for integration with other APIs of GCP. The architecture of the Cloud Speech API is as follows:In other words, this model enables speech to text conversion by ML.The components used by the Speech API are:·         REST API or Google Remote Procedure Call (gRPC) API·         Google Cloud Client Library·         JSON API·         Python·         Cloud DataLab·         Cloud Data Storage·         Cloud EndpointsThe applications of the model include:·         Voice user interfaces·         Domotic appliance control·         Preparation of structured documents·         Aircraft / direct voice outputs·         Speech to text processing·         TelecommunicationIt is free of charge for 15 seconds per usage, up to 60 minutes per month. More than that will be charged at $0.006 per usage.Now, as we have learned about the concepts and the applications of the model, let’s learn some use cases where we can implement the model:·         Solving crimes

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